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Five Friday Faves | October 9, 2020

Every week we curate a list of some our favorite things. We love anything that makes life easier, happier, tastier and fun.

  1. These super sweet birdhouses my first graders made as we wrapped up our tools unit in the EL Education curriculum. We learned about and practiced using a number of different tools -- this has been a favorite unit and great way to start the school year off.

  2. This Bathpack spray bottle is life. It’s a perfect mist for wetting hair, without feeling like a drowned cat. My friends love the silver brushes for their little ones.

  3. Storyline Online -- While we wait to wash our hands in class we are loving the FREE stories. They are the perfect length and I love the messages of kindness and doing our best for my students!

  4. I’ve been bingeing “Majesty” by Katharine McGee this week. American royalty? YES PLEASE! I read the first in the series this spring and have been patiently waiting for this! (if you know what happens, no spoilers!)

  5. We just want to give a shout out to FALL! This slightly cooler weather is my jam!!

Remember you rock. Remember you can do anything, but not everything. Remember to savor the weekend and find time to relax.


Blaire & Brooke


We are not affiliated with any products we are sharing. Just honest reviews of things we really love.

Image Sources:

Bathpack Essentials Pack

Majesty by Katharine McGee

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Seinfeld Meme

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