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Friday Faves: October 1

There's something refreshing about a new month. The possibilities unseen. The future unknown.

Here are a few commitments I'm making for myself this month. Perhaps you have some of the same goals? I'd love to hear what you're working on and what you do to stay sane!

  • Meditate. Growing up I was a prayer girl. I still love communing with a higher power, but find peace in just focusing on my breath for a few minutes. I'm going to spend five minutes meditating every day this month. It's great for refocusing my perspective, helping me sleep, and find peace. I love using the Peloton app's meditations on my phone throughout the day, and have used Headspace in the past. Both are great options for beginners. Peloton offers a discounted membership for teachers and first responders. Headspace is free for educators!

  • Drink 100 oz. of water. If this were a Diet Coke challenge, I would win. It's basically H2O... right? I love water, but definitely don't get enough of the good stuff. I have two 20 oz. bottles that I'm going to fill at night before bed. Drink them both the next day, and refill one. How do you keep yourself hydrated?

  • Read for 21 minutes every day. I've been doing Gretchen Rubin's Read for 21 in 2021 challenge this year, and have already met my Goodreads goal this year. I love holding a book in my hand, but audio books count too.

  • Move my body every day. I have been using Attain by Aetna, through my healthcare insurance to track activity on my Apple Watch. It's great at reminding me to keep moving. But I am making it a goal to do something EXTRA every day for at least 30 minutes. A walk with my kids. Yoga before bed. A hike in the hills near my home.

  • Unplug. At night when I'm with my kids. At least an hour before bedtime and on the weekend. I am tired, and social media and the news play a big role in that.

  • Do something for fun! I've signed up to take a free, introductory watercolor class through my library. I also bullied a friend into taking it with me. The idea of doing something I've never really done is terrifying and thrilling!

  • I want to be in bed by 10! I've always been an early to bed kind of gal, but my sleep habits have really struggled since the pandemic began 18 months ago. This month I'm focusing on getting back to some of the basics. Me!

What are you hoping to accomplish this month for yourself? Do you set monthly intentions? How do you hold yourself accountable?

I've recently started using a habit tracker on my phone and love both the HabitBull and Done apps. They are both so easy to use and fun to track your progress with. I love a visual chain and seeing the colored dots is great for me.

Happy Friday and Happy October!

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