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Hi, It's So Nice To Meet You: I'm Blaire

As kids, Blaire and I used to play school. Our dolls were the students. We taught math, science and English. We made art and played as if every day were recess.

Quite a few years later, here we are!!!

Blaire's a first-grade teacher. A creator. She spends time helping six-year-olds learn to read, write and be friends. She sends them off to second grade with a foundation for life. She's kind but expects kids to try for their best. She teaches them to expect this of themselves too.

I admire her. She is making a difference -- whether she knows it or not.

Blaire loves cruises and concerts. She calls Utah home, but is always scheming up another adventure. Camping with her family makes her sooooo happy. She's always up for a Crumbl cookie or any other treat!

Things are not the same as they were in 1993. But one thing's for sure, both of us are still playing as if every day were recess!

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