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Hi, It's So Nice to Meet You: I'm Brooke

As a kid I was always the boss. A quality not to be admired in girls in the 90's. I loved telling my younger siblings what to do. I loved being in charge.

Now we call that leadership.

Today, I love seeing the quality in my own daughter -- smiling inside knowing she got it from me. Progress.

I'm Brooke. I am a writer. A dreamer. A wife and mother of three. A girl scout leader.

I'm someone who's out to leave this earth better than I came into it (when the time comes... many years from now). I yearn to spend any minute I can outside. Working in a garden, taking a walk or going for a hike fill me up. I have big dreams of traveling the world. I love cooking and baking, getting lost in a novel and spending time with family and friends.

I love living on the East Coast --- the Outer Banks is one of my favorite places... closely followed by New York City or Disney World.

The U.S. Capitol is my favorite building D.C., and taking my boys on the metro here is something that can ALWAYS put a smile on my face.

I love ice cream --- the lemon custard from Aggie Ice Cream or spumoni from Farr's are my absolute favorite. You can take the girl out of Utah... but I haven't forgotten some things!

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